Thrive Topeka

Our Mission: to inspire and equip families and communities to resolve poverty and


We believe that families can take charge of their destinies; and if given the right tools and support, can achieve economic stability.

Thrive is a grassroots model built on relationships:

  • Community partnerships that build on the strengths of existing community-based organizations
  • Personal relationships built on trust, respect and shared experiences.


The Urgency:

In Shawnee County, 14.5% of the population, including 19.6% of all children, are living in poverty.

Our vision is to alleviate generational poverty in our community. Thrive! operates very differently from other nonprofits. We invite you to find out more about our long-term “walk with me” approach that pairs individuals in poverty — Leaders — with people who want to help fight the stressors of poverty — Allies.